Skills Management Software

Audit and manage skills across your workforce with this easy to use online system.

The software is flexible and can be used for the simplest skills profiling exercises or mission critical skills management.

Audit and manage skills across your workforce

Skills Audit

The Cognology Skills Management Software supports a number of ways of conducting a skills audit. You can choose the method that most suits your needs.


The open approach is a user driven method where people can list the skills they have at any point in time. Each person’s skills appear on their profile and can be included in reporting.



If having the right skills is mission critical for your company you can define a library of skills and position profiles. People can then be audited against those profiles.


For customers who want a very granular assessment of skills and skill levels, assessment surveys can be completed by an individual, their manager or using the 360 Degree Feedback approach.

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Powerful Search

If finding people with specific skills is important, you’ll love our powerful search feature.

Want to find someone with data analytics skills? Sure. How about someone who can speak Mandarin? Done. People who have experience with Agile Project Management, no problem.

Search feature

Automated Tracking

Some skills have a shelf life and don’t always stay current. To take the complexity out of identifying and managing out of date skills, Cognology Skills Management includes automated tracking.

Manage out of date skills

Skills Matrix And Reporting

Want to see a Skills Matrix for your whole company? How about drilling down to one group within the company? Access these reports and more with our comprehensive reporting suite.

Comprehensive reporting suite for skills

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